Same Species Head Biting

Efforts have been made. But we can't get an ear into every mouth.
I'm not prepared.
This could be ideal.
You sound uninterested.
We emerged did we not?
I'll be wanting proof.
We can do a spectacular receipt. May we suggest you begin before we finish?
Well, waking up and having to shower. Couldn't the showering be done while the dreams are occurring?
Better hygiene is one of our priorities going forward.
And a reduction in things to look at and think about.
We express alarm at your estimate of the girth of our remit.
And is it alright if I'm not perpetually astonishing myself?
A morsel of gentle improvement is the suggested weekly dose.
Who's doing the measuring?
It's a sort of consortium. We will send you a notched stick to aid you in what people will soon be calling the getting the hang of things thing. Put it in, remove it, return it using the pre-paid envelope and relax.
I don't remember signing up.
May we remind you of the frequency and malignity of your episodes?
And everyone else I know can only remember a lack of consent.
We have lately been skipping it, in certain cases, in order to better quicklify things.
So what were you insinuating?
It was simple concern, sir. Perhaps there was a context issue. For which, in the event of the need arising, we will apologise.
It's a long game and we're in it to win it. This is a notion on which you might dwell.
Have I mentioned my pulverising schedule?
The post-dwelling remains will be far better spent. Might there be something else before we recede?
A red light in my mouth that flashes when I repeat myself.
A similar thing is in the works. It will be on sale as soon as we are politely distanced from all the chokings.
I didn't really mean it.
There's no need to tremble about innovation meeting convenience.