As Well She Might

A sign went up. It had all the information on it except that what was on it was all the information available. So a lot of questions were barked onto our shoulders and shrugged at the future, to be converted into answers on the unspecified date mentioned before the apologies.
So there's a bit of leisure this week. Possibly too much. Can you have too much leisure, a child once asked me, and I said yes, and he said really, and I said yes, and carried on with the safety briefing.
And a cat has come to visit. It roosts on the kitchen floor staring at phantoms, wondering where its owner-operator has gone, unaware that its thoughts are visible. It hates hip-hop.

Skyline Comb Tomorrow

I won't bore you with the details (I'll bore you without the details). It's all gone a bit quiet and vague what with the sky crisis and the pub about to change hands but not quite yet for the last hundred weeks and a long line of hunches and inklings for the same as usual to feed on while it burps out the uncertainty we dance around like insolent chihuahuas and still no actual date. I just watch the other halves of the long sufferers smash towers of liquid into their cleverness and wonder when the TV will die of a golf overdose. I've been encouraging the garden to express itself and holding poorly-attended midnight dictionary readings on the motorway footbridge. I can't believe you haven't turned up.

The Things You Should Have Handy

A spider descended at my bed and face, just after I'd won another snooze, at about eight fifteen, to congratulate me, I imagine, on the ease with which I wake from nightmares about the real-life situations nightmares frequently precede, and mid-turnover we were eye to eye to eye to eye and so on and I realised it was bigger than my hand, and I immediately tried to re-feel my fear as something like familiar delight at its resemblance to the last spider of similar size that had been so close to my mouth, which was the one I used to share a caravan with, back when I ate cheese four times a day, but I didn't manage to fool it, and it wouldn't stop approaching, so I got out of bed and waited for it to land, and then I gave it a fiver and told it to get a fucking taxi.