The Crack of Now

Okay fine. One thing and another. Six twenty alarm clock. Shaving. Sandwiches. Shoe polish. A couple of thousand steps. A pastry eaten on the uphill. Squirrels having parties in bins. The large room with one wall mostly window. Some rectangle photocopying and photocopied rectangle distribution. Beeping. Buzzing. Breakdowns. The skills matrix. The success register. Did you have a good weekend but don't go on about it. A meeting in the small room. What's happened and what'll happen and what mustn't happen again. Nods and pledges and I should iron better. Visible indications of group morale updated quarterly. Right angles. Looking busy. Banana skins in wastepaper bins. The union. The clock. The post all sacked up ready for four. Maybe going out later for the maximum daily intake and after that who knows. Cakes, donations. Behavioural adjustments. Continuous improvement. Shared goals. The team information board. Inbox management. Fixed-term. Have you seen my mug.