I Couldn't Agree More

It's here. Here it is. Click here for a copy. I've been poking it with a stick for ages and today it finally asked me to leave it alone. A pungent glut of whimsical despair. A king-size bag of peculiar crisps. A lot of blank space and very little action. A series of one-day jobs.
One page of it was adapted from a bit of this blog, so I owe you 10p if you feel like that's cheating, but it's woven niftily into the rest of the story, a story so incredibly adequate that after it's over you'll think it was almost worth bothering with.
Thanks for everything and if you'd like to come to the launch party there isn't one, but instead of that if you buy it and dislike it I will personally drag it from your house to the Clifton Suspension Bridge, no matter how far that is, kick it into the air, murder it with a war-axe and buy you a pint.