You Do Do You

There were no more holes to dig and fill in again. We smashed up some hard things with big sticks with pointy bits.

There is a sink mystery. We need some sinks to go in the sheds that we built for the sinks. Months ago they were in the shipping containers on site. When we opened them yesterday they were not there. There were a lot of items there that were not sinks, like forks and mattresses and urns. We would pick something up and ask: is this a sink? If the answer was no, we would repeat the process with a different item until there were no more items left to assess.

After it turned out that nothing we had was a sink, we then made sure that the things we initially thought were not sinks were not sinks disguised as not-sinks. We were right. Then we put everything back again.

There were no flies. The spiders ate rust flakes.

Before all that we spread some gravel on a bit that didn't have any gravel on it.