The Infinite Bag of Crisps

I handed in my notice, in black biro on white A4, I filled it up with sorries and words like abrupt, understand and accept. It was well-received and I was congratulated by everybody in the company and they let me have the day off and gave me a crate of broccoli and a fairtrade air-horn to toot whenever I'm delighted.
I feared the notice-handing-in would be more uproarious and huffmaking as I haven't even been there long enough to know for sure off the top of my head whether or not we sell crunchy peanut butter. Someone asked for it and I said maybe and took them to the gap next to the honey, pointed at it and said well we definitely have space for it to develop, and they said but I can't spread that on my fucking toast can I, and I said your lack of self-belief is not welcome in this shop.