Precision People

A bike, a hill, I will experience the joy of combining them, and to top it off I will skid gracefully to a stop at the top of the steps at the bottom of the hill, I thought, and there's no need to test the brakes before setting off is there, no, I'll just start the skid early in case they don't work. So I did, but the bike, being European and a girl's and well-maintained, had its front brake on the left hand side, exactly where it's never been on any bike I've ever crashed, and so I was launched off and upside down and somehow both my shoes ejected and I had the luxury of hoping the bike didn't land on my head before it landed kindly on my shoulder and we both clanged togther on the ground, I laughing and it spinning, and I've a bruised ankle and a scratch and nothing more except be careful what you wish for.