Hairy little doubts creeping in and dancing on your confidence to music performed by The What Ifs. One month to go and then what? Not a career in skimboarding, there's bloodstains on my white t-shirt from that. Likewise boxing. Howsabout the Australian Skilled Migration Program? Howsabout the English Booze Specialist Dole Bonanza? Howsabout Digging A Hole and Filling It In Afterwards? Howsabout Almost Writing A Book? Howsabout Eternally Dithering? Howsabout "re-training" and why not and why? Online applications and standard replies. No hints. Redrawing the blanks. Hungry for morsels and no nose for the future. A fool behind the eyes.
Sea-cat update: they came for the food and they left disappointed.